Home Grown Gallery Show July 25th!

After the success of the first Home Grown Gallery Show in January at Martin Gallery, I have decided to do another!  This time it will be at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park.  It is coinciding with the closing of the Contemporary Charleston Exhibit and the taring down of Jonathan Brilliant’s amazing installation created out of Starbuck’s stirrer sticks.  The event will take place on July 25th from noon to 5:00pm with a closing reception from 5:00 to 6:00pm for the exhibit.  Home Grown Gallery Show is like the farmer’s market, but with A/C and no vegetables.  Enjoy the different tables of local artisians.  Some of the artists include Tina Christophillis – Painter, Fernanda Sullivan – Jewelry Designer, Anne Trabue Watson (me) – Hair Assecories, Ben Timpson, Tiffany Lippincott – Painter, and Ishmael – Graffiti Art, Linsey Moore, and Christina Whitson – Candle Maker.



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3 responses to “Home Grown Gallery Show July 25th!

  1. mystyleelife

    I posted it on mystyleelife.wordpress.com and Tweeter. Good Luck! I hope to make it this Saturday.

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