Angela Chvarak – Painter

Angela Chvarak - Ink 01

Angela Chvarak - Ink 01

Painting is a method for me to illuminate thoughts, dreams, and perceptions of the familiar and unfamiliar. My portraits and landscapes both have qualities which transmit a subliminal ambiance; one that hopefully engages the viewer to consider his or her connections with the possibility of blending the surreal with the real.

I cherish the fluid movement of my arms as I create repeating lines that radiate across the surface. Each brushstroke creates a euphonic note, intricately woven to make a harmonious piece. Influenced by the movement of music coinciding with threading brushmarks across canvas, these visual recordings are a means to satisfy a personal desire for documenting in a visual language.  Through painting I am able to provide for myself an intimate memoir of experiences combined with my fondness for the mystical and surreal. Some of my pieces may create a sense of playfulness, while others create a mood of mysteriousness or may become unfamiliar to the physical world.


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