Libby Ganong – Add Libb Desings

One-of-a-kind and custom handbags. Add Libb Designs was started in 2007 by designer Libby Ganong in Charleston, SC. Drawing inspiration from the latest sentiment of the world in motion, we aim at developing interesting yet functional handbag shapes. Each bag is expertly crafted from a variety of materials, including leather, rich and colorful upholstery fabric and vintage jewelry accents. The most notable characteristic of Add Libb handbags, however, is in their couture quality. The subtle design details of each bag are a hint to the time spent designing and creating each piece, such that any woman who carries an Add Libb design will know she is the only one in the world holding that bag.

Add Libb Desings

Add Libb Desings

As our company is characterized by a one-of-a-kind approach, our team produces anywhere from ten to twenty bags a week, thus our collection is always updating and changing. Please feel free to visit our website,, at any time to see the newest designs from week to week. When navigating our website, please note the following; the site is updated with new designs on Sunday of each week. The homepage contains pieces that are still available for purchase, and the design archive page serves more as an idea center, showing past designs that can be used as a reference point for ordering your own custom handbag. Please email designer Libby Ganong at to inquire about a particular bag. We look forward to adding you to our list of people holding an Add Libb Design!


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