My Locket

DSCN1336The morning after I returned from Washington, I noticed that my grandmother’s locket was missing.  I started retracing my steps from when we got off the plane.  I knew it was still around my neck, but it was not where to be found in my house.  My heart ached, “How could I lose my grandmother’s locket!”  She had pasted away about five years ago, and the locket was a way for me to always remember her.

Thankfully I found the missing locket yesterday morning in a very obvious place.   Had I imagined that it was ever missing?  I immediately put it around my neck, and swore to myself to never take it off again. (Well, until i got to work, and have to put on the gallery jewelry).  What makes this locket so special is that it was a gift to my grandmother when she was a little girl.  Her father past away when she was seven, and her mother gave it to her as a way to always remember her father.

While at work, I opened it up to look at the picture of my great-grandfather.  As I was looking at his picture, I noticed something on the other side that i had never noticed before….  I pulled out plastic cover that had turned yellow with age to find another faded picture of my great grandfather.  I had had the locket for years, and never noticed before.  It is interesting how I had to lose to notice what was in it… Maybe I should take a closer look at what is near and dear to me.



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