What is South Carolina Coming to?

South Carolina’s Governor Plans to Cut Budget for the South Carolina Arts Commision & State Museum

The Governor’s budget is out and you can find it at his web site:  http://www.scgovernor.com.

Check page 146 (page 129 in the internal document) in the Governor’s budget where he proposed to eliminate the Arts Commission and the State Museum. Needless to say, a statement will be coming from the SCAC in response (as well as the State Museum), which we will incorporate into our advocacy efforts. Betty

Here are the paragraphs regarding the SCAC and the State Museum:

Arts Commission. Like many states, our state’s difficult financial position this year has forced us to make some equally difficult funding decisions that we normally would not propose. In this year’s Executive Budget, we propose eliminating funding for the Arts Commission. The Arts Commission administers federal and state grants to local school, communities, and individual artists. We recognize that artistic and cultural programs add great value to our state, but we simply cannot justify spending money on arts programs when law enforcement and core academic programs are facing such steep budget cuts. Schools in South Carolina already provide arts education and programs to their students, and we believe the State Department of Education is competent to administer these grants to schools. Regarding grants to community programs or individual artists, we do not believe the state should be picking particular entities or artists to support – particularly in an area where the line between good or bad is so subjective. Eliminating funding for the Arts Commission will result in savings of $2,453,985.

State Museum. Similarly, this year’s Executive Budget also proposes eliminating funding for the State Museum. The State Museum houses many wonderful exhibits, and has been recognized as one of the best museums in the Southeast by Southern Living Magazine. As with the Arts Commission, we recognize that artistic and cultural programs add great value to our state. Nonetheless, we believe these state funds are more appropriately spent on more core functions, of government. Because of the Museum’s popularity, we believe the Museum can recoup the decrease in state revenue by modifying its admissions fee schedule or through its endowment. Eliminating funding for the State Museum will result in savings of $3,205,385.

Thank you Colleen for bringing this to my attention!


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