Support Louie’s Kids’ Yoga Marathon

On October 9th, my teammates Stacy, Deborah, and I will be participating in the Yoga Marathon in support of Louie’s Kids. The organization’s mission is to fight obesity, one child at a time.  It’s a great cause and I would really appreciate your support.  I will be doing yoga with my team Yoga Lily for 3 hours in Francis Marion Square.  Deborah will be leading us in 108 sun salutations .   Below is a link to my fundraising page if you are interested in helping support it.

Click Here If You Would Like to Sponsor Me




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Young Collector Interview

A while back I was interviewed for an article about being a young art collector.  Above is the piece that stole my heart by Lisa Shimko.

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A note from Leo…

Leo E. Osborne's Home on Guemes Island, WA

Last year Austin & I had the pleasure of staying with one of the artist I represent at Martin Gallery, Leo E. Osborne.  We got to stay in a little cottage on him & his wife Jane’s property.  It was a wonderful trip.  Recently Leo sent me an email updating me on his adorable little island called Guemes that is off the northern coast of Washington.

I thought I’d share part of the email with you:

“So be a Pranxter. Hurt no one, but let your voice be heard and your vision seen and may your soul be exposed through art as the beautiful being that you truly are. Create community through creative energy and think outside the box, be fiercely free!

And Oh Be Joyful…. This is the true fight for freedom and the victory means a continued beauteous life on this magnificent and awe inspiring earth.”

In protest to the fiery times being changed some "pranksters" draped it in black.

Let us all be pranksters!

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A Lovely Wedding Accessory

I’ve have been pretty slack about making the flowers lately, but then there are times when I’ll see them in someone’s hair that reminds me why I love making them so much.  Here is a picture of my friend Julie wearing on of the White Raw Silk Noil ones.  It went perfectly in her hair.  I feel so special that she would include it in her special day.

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Some of My Favorite Pantry Tips

So I’ve been on a liver detox for a couple of days now (basically i’m eating a lot of beans, rice,  fruits, vegetables and some massive horse pills) .  I am now missing some of my favorite food staples due to this… like cheese or pasta!  So on that note I wanted to post some links to some great pantry items that one should have in their kitchen.  By the end of this 2 week detox, I’ll probably end up post favorite food blogs or recipes that I will be dying to have.  Enjoy!

How To Stock a Vegetarian (or Vegan) Pantry

10 Kitchen Staples for Quicker Weeknight Dinners

Fresh Start for a New Year? Let’s Begin in the Kitchen

50 Ways to Never Waste Food Again

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What is South Carolina Coming to?

South Carolina’s Governor Plans to Cut Budget for the South Carolina Arts Commision & State Museum

The Governor’s budget is out and you can find it at his web site:

Check page 146 (page 129 in the internal document) in the Governor’s budget where he proposed to eliminate the Arts Commission and the State Museum. Needless to say, a statement will be coming from the SCAC in response (as well as the State Museum), which we will incorporate into our advocacy efforts. Betty

Here are the paragraphs regarding the SCAC and the State Museum:

Arts Commission. Like many states, our state’s difficult financial position this year has forced us to make some equally difficult funding decisions that we normally would not propose. In this year’s Executive Budget, we propose eliminating funding for the Arts Commission. The Arts Commission administers federal and state grants to local school, communities, and individual artists. We recognize that artistic and cultural programs add great value to our state, but we simply cannot justify spending money on arts programs when law enforcement and core academic programs are facing such steep budget cuts. Schools in South Carolina already provide arts education and programs to their students, and we believe the State Department of Education is competent to administer these grants to schools. Regarding grants to community programs or individual artists, we do not believe the state should be picking particular entities or artists to support – particularly in an area where the line between good or bad is so subjective. Eliminating funding for the Arts Commission will result in savings of $2,453,985.

State Museum. Similarly, this year’s Executive Budget also proposes eliminating funding for the State Museum. The State Museum houses many wonderful exhibits, and has been recognized as one of the best museums in the Southeast by Southern Living Magazine. As with the Arts Commission, we recognize that artistic and cultural programs add great value to our state. Nonetheless, we believe these state funds are more appropriately spent on more core functions, of government. Because of the Museum’s popularity, we believe the Museum can recoup the decrease in state revenue by modifying its admissions fee schedule or through its endowment. Eliminating funding for the State Museum will result in savings of $3,205,385.

Thank you Colleen for bringing this to my attention!

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X-Ray X-Mas Present from the Boyfriend

"Yellow Daffodil" X-Ray Photograph by Don Dudenbostel


Since early childhood Don Dudenbostel has been interested in photography as an art form. He found a way to combine art and science for a high school science fair project in the 1960’s. With the help of an engineer Dudenbostel built his first x-ray apparatus from a variety of discarded parts. It is now forty years later and he has refocused on x-ray imaging. Due to advances in science, he is now able to capture even more of the delicacies of his subject matter.

The process of producing these radiographs is challenging. The equipment used for floral images is obtained from discarded equipment, whereas for the shells and toys he is using traditional medical equipment. He places the specimen directly on top of the film in the position required to see the image, and then places an x-ray tube directly above it. An appropriate energy is applied to the tube resulting in exposures ranging from half a second to 15 minutes. The radiographic negatives are developed in the traditional photographic method using a high contrast developer, however they are not well suited to the traditional photographic print process. He takes the negative, makes a very high resolution digital scan, and makes refinements on the computer. The file is then printed using a digital archival carbon printing system. The images produced are 100% carbon pigment based printed on the highest quality acid-free rag watercolor paper. The pigments contain no dyes which results in a truly archival print with exquisite tonality and color.

Available at Martin Gallery, Charleston, SC

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