When I was a young sprout growing up on the Little Cahaba River in Birmingham, AL, my grandmother taught me how to sew. She grew up during the depression, so everything was saved. If an old slip become too worn in, we would save the lace and add it to something else. Pretty soon, I started rummaging my mother’s sewing room for old scraps. I would turn these discarded pieces of fabric into dresses for my dolls, stuffed animals, and sometimes even my cat! No piece of fabric was left unused. The older I get, I still keep my grandmother in my thoughts. I still have the stockpiles of old lace, and disassembled dresses. My little flower hair clips came into being when I wanted to always wear flowers in my hair. It started by making one or two out of scraps, and then it turned into making one for every occasion. I use scraps, old clothes, fabric from a thrift store, and the occasional fabric found on the side of the rood. I have also moved on to using finer fabrics like raw silk and linen. Every piece is uniquely made, and all are made with LOVE!

Available at Aster Hall, Downtown Charleston, SC

Special Orders Welcome

Feel Free to contact me at:  atgwatson@gmail.com


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  1. Benjie

    just sayin hey on your wordpress blog. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

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