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Save the South Carolina Arts Commission & ETV!

Recently SC’s new gov. said that she is looking into discontinue funding for the South Carolina Arts Commission & E TV.  This will not just affect SC as a whole, but it will affect me directly since one of my jobs depends on the money we receive from the Commission.  Please take a moment to contact your senators & congressmen to overturn it.  We have done it once, and we can do it again, but we have take action now!!!

Here is a link to an article in the Post & Courier that I was interviewed: Arts Commission Will Not Go Quietly

Why are the arts important to South Carolina citizens?

(Taken from the South Carolina Arts Commissions Website)

  • The arts generate 3% of the state’s economy: 78,000 jobs and over $9.2 billion annually, with potential for more. >>
  • Industries want to locate where there are educated, creative workers. Those workers gravitate toward communities with a thriving cultural life.>>
  • Becoming an educated, creative worker requires the skills developed by exposure to and participation in the arts. >>
  • An education that includes the arts produces higher achievement, especially among disadvantaged students. >>
  • Tourism is South Carolina’s largest industry, and people who come for the arts stay longer and spend more. >>
  • The arts revitalizes communities, large and small. >>
  • People interested in the arts vote more, and do more for their communities. >>
  • A majority of South Carolinians are already frequent arts participants. >>
  • The state’s identity is tied to, represented by, and sustained through the arts. >>
  • Residents are worried about how the state looks to the rest of the world. The arts in South Carolina are a source of pride they want outsiders to know about. >>



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Under the Big Top

This is what happens when my boyfriend, my brother, and I go to Arkansas for half an hour…

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The Boyfriend & I at last years New Moon Party

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For the love of the Book

Recently I have been running across some wonderful quotes about the importance of books, so I thought I would share…

“There is nothing more beautiful than the book. Please don’t abandon the book.”

~Pattie Smith after receiving the National Book Award

Blue Bicycle Books

“Someone said to me, these libraries aren’t important anymore, because you can get it all online,” he said, gazing at the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. “But you can’t. If you Google an artist and Google the images, you get no information — you don’t get where the painting is, you don’t get the medium, you don’t get thesizes, you don’t get the provenance. So these libraries are really important.”

~ Steve Martin in an article by the New York Times about his upcoming book about the gallery world

He also said this about buying & owning art

“It’s absolutely great to live with,” Mr. Martin said. “It’s better than television. There’s not a day I don’t look at or spend some amount of time with an artwork.”

…. love him



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ATGW X CG the beginning…

Loving the new collaboration with Conrad!  More to come!

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Eight X Eight at Martin Gallery

Martin Gallery has a wonderful 64 painting group show coming up in December and I wanted to share some of my favorites.

Kathleen Billis, Rockville Shrimpboats, oil

Joan Dumouchel, Félixe, acrylic

Simon Kenevan, After the Rain, oil

Karin Olah, Passion Flower Family, fabric, gouache, acrylic, & graphite

Leo E. Osborne, Mountain Mist, acrylic & 24k gold leaf

Wanda Steppe, Berries Suspended, oil

Joan Dumouchel, Espace, acrylic with gold leaf

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New Obsession: Paper Moon

My new favorite movie is Paper Moon

Addy Pray has some awesome style.

Will probably end up being who I’m going to be for Halloween.

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