Tina Christophillis – Painter

My work is an intuitive gesture, a hope to strike chords of memory, recognition and innocence.  Through my art, I seek to know as much as possible, to feel in all directions, to live fully.  I hope to find something uncommon and undiscovered, embraced with energy and insight.  Interpreting my environment the sensations become marks, symbols and visual ideas.  The work reflects the passion of my personal journey.

The art is an invention of my own visual thought, too subtle and sensuous to be described in words.  The journey is one of imagination and vast space, often airy and luminous.  The ability to transcend the common grind of daily ritual is a gift that I embrace, nurture and fully realize.  My art is an expression of the soul of vibrancy, the mysteries of the unknown, and the power of the quest.

08 He Walks With a Swagger

"He Walks with a Swagger" by Tina Christophillis

Growing up in Greenville, South Carolina, Tina was exposed to the arts since an early age.  She studied piano and performed with community theatre and the Greenville Ballet.  As a dancer, she studied at the South Carolina Governor’s School and studied at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York City.  A need to develop new models for artistic presentation brought her to Charleston to pursue a degree in Arts Management.  There, she discovered a love for drawing and painting and realized her true calling as a visual artist.

Recently, Tina was honored at the College of Charleston’s 2008 School of the Arts award ceremony with an Outstanding Student Award in the Visual Arts.  Her paintings were published in this year’s Miscellany, the art and literary journal of the College of Charleston, where she received an honorable mention award and was featured on the cover.  She anticipates attending graduate school earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting.  Currently, she has a studio at Redux Contemporary Art Center.



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